Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Remastered version of Fox Hole almost complete. All the sound has been redone and the sequence locked down. Just experimenting with the inclusion of the original voiceover or not. Looking back it may not be necessary. Thoughts on a postcard.

Have also discovered hidden away on an old DVD some very old video art from college. Will clean this up and upload too. Sadly no sound on it though.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Coming Soon..

A combined production between Bong Eyed Giraffe and Orca Productions. A cleaned up remastered version of Fox Hole directed by James Hudson. Remastered sound and remastered picture.

Watch the original below.

Puppet Stop Shuffle

This is the original 2 minute cut of my short film Puppet Stop Shuffle. It's a really pared down essentials only version of the film created for a competition.
It will be followed up with a longer version in the future.

Starting the blog

More of a test than anything else.
Just started a blog to update with new productions and work. Will post some video later.